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Getting Started with PDQ Deploy – A guide for first-time PDQ Deploy users

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This press release was published in Yahoo! Finance and other smaller publications. 

100,000 Downloads of IT Admin Tool PDQ Deploy

SALT LAKE CITY, July 17, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — Admin Arsenal Corporation reached 100,000 downloads of it’s free software deployment tool PDQ Deploy since it’s original release in 2010. PDQ Deploy is a software deployment tool used by Windows system administrators to silently install software to multiple computers. PDQ Deploy features ready-to-deploy applications for many common apps such as (continue reading)…

This press release was published in the Boston Globe, Cincinnati News and many other small publications. Below is the portion I contributed to the release.

Pearls with Purpose Announces Valentine’s Day Effort to Aid Philippines

Pearls with Purpose aids the Filipino people with relief supplies and ongoing micro-enterprise training helping to transform lives through promoting self-reliance.

This Valentine’s Day, 800 pounds of love and outreach will be received by families in the Philippines in need of supplies. Relief boxes containing clothing, toiletries, and other aid were collected in local Utah communities and shipped in January by Pearls with Purpose, a non-profit foundation that works to promote self-reliance in impoverished countries.

In November 2013 the Philippines was hit with a devastating hurricane that displaced about 600,000 people and killed 2,500. Hurricane Haiyan left a significant mark on the Philippine nation and three months later, the effects still linger as the people work to rebuild.

Pearls with Purpose has deep roots in the Philippines. Wendy Bird, the founder, began micro-enterprise training in there in 2002 teaching women a skill that would assist them to help their families out of poverty. “Being a mom of five kids, I know firsthand the desire of every woman to simply want the best for their child. No mom should have to choose between feeding her children or allowing them to go to school, yet these women were facing this dilemma on a constant basis.”