The Fearless Idiot

Pep Talks / Monday, December 8th, 2014

How did you like the title of this post? I’m thinking about using it for my autobiography one day.

There’s a lot of life that is about “getting ready” or “preparing”. There’s a lot of “getting ready” to be done. However, at some point you need to jump in.

I realized that was a big issue with my goals right now. I stare at a goal, and say, “Almost…but I’m not ready to doBook Pages it yet.” You need more experience. You need more practice. You need to read one more book on the subject…

The fact is, you’re NEVER ready. You never know everything you ever need to know before you take on your first job in a new career. You never know everything you need to know before you get married. When you’re handed your college diploma you are not the most education, most experienced individual on that subject. That’s just the start of it all.

Learning and gaining experience can only be achieved by doing. At some point you just have to stick your neck out and go for it. We’re just not born with that much inherit knowledge.

Do you have something you’re shying away from doing? How are you conquering the uncertainty? Let’s hear it!

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