When Marketing Gone Wrong…Goes Right

Marketing / Wednesday, January 6th, 2016

When you were a kid…were you more the type that was in awe of the brilliance of a marketing campaign than what the campaign actually advertised? Well, Reese’s made me feel all that warm, giggly admiration all over again…and it started with a little faux pas.

Reese’s has their annual Christmas tree-shaped candy…except it doesn’t look like a tree. At all. Quite frankly you might be wondering if it is a turd…(see the pictures.)

Reese’s response? Brilliant. Simply brilliant.


There are many more of these images kind of images, but in short, if you’ve ever had to wade through as many body-positive messages and images as I have…you have to admit this was a pretty funny take on it and a pretty good jab at those people so distraught by the lack of ideal tree shapeliness that they took to social media to share their #firstworldproblems.

Well done Reese’s PR and marketing teams. Well done.

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