The Power of YOU in Marketing Content

Marketing / Monday, May 2nd, 2016

Rule numero uno in marketing…don’t talk about yourself. Drop all and any words like, “I” and “me” and “myself”. Why?

When you’re blogging as a marketer, you want your visitor (or potential lead) to see THEMSELVES carrying out an action. You want to them to see themselves participating in this interaction with you or your business. “I” and “me” language comes off as you being a solo act. They’re simply an observer and far less likely to click further through your website. Using “you” language puts your potential lead right in the driver’s seat.

Let’s read some samples. Pay careful attention to how you feel about each section.

When I am cooking chicken, I find that using a lower heat and covering my pan helps keep the moisture in and helps me to be sure the chicken is thoroughly cooked.

Next section, using YOU.

As you cook chicken, you’ll find that using a lower heat and a covered pan will help you keep moisture in and help you to be sure the chicken is thoroughly cooked.

Something about that second section was a lot more pleasant right? You might have noticed yourself being a lot more interested in what was being said in the second section. Why? Because YOU were a participant in story being told. Reading things like “I” and “me” will leaves you standing awkwardly as an outsider. It’s a lot like getting stuck having to listen to someone talk about their lovely vacation that you didn’t go on.

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