Reviews: Email Marketing Platforms

Marketing / Friday, April 7th, 2017

Picking an email marketing platform is a heavy commitment. From correctly managing you contacts and list, to important email blasts, to successful lead nurturing…A LOT goes into creating solid email marketing campaigns.

Below are a handful of reviews of email marketing platforms I reviewed. As I tried out these various platforms I was looking for the following.

  • Workflows/Automations
  • Analytics
  • Easy to use and build email templates
  • Support availability


MailChimp is a classic in the email marketing world. It’s been around forever in Internetland. One thing they have gotten down is the WYSIWYG for building emails. It’s beautiful. It’s easy and works seamlessly. Analytics, bam! No problems there. You would think this is a DREAM of a email marketing machine right? These guys have been around long enough to get it right. Right?

All is fine and dandy until you pony up for MailChimp Pro to get access to automations. The automations are weak, confusing, and down right behind the times. Many other platforms have sleek flowcharts that give you a better visual representation of how emails are being directed. MailChimp? You create lists and within those lists you can create segments to then send to…and you have (incredibly) limited filters within the automation itself to help screen out those you don’t want to send to. Don’t even get me started on the confusion between the varying types of segments…it’s utter nonsense.

Support is exclusively email, but responsive. The longest I had to wait for help was a day; usually replies came even quicker.

Bottom line. MailChimp isn’t a total loss…if you’re only needing to do simple, basic automations and are mainly focused on email blasts with minor tailoring this set up is totally doable.


This one was honestly my favorite. Magnificent automations. Quick template building. It had a very nice logical workflow and yes…solid analytics. My marketing team was thrilled at the opportunities and prospects this email marketing platform provided. But things went very, very wrong, very very fast.

Inevitably, we needed help from their support team. That two week period was where I learned a great product can quickly become a terrible product with inadequate support. When I submitted a ticket, it took eight days before I received a response…after I complained on day seven. It was an additional three days before the issue actually got resolved.

What made things scarier is when we tried to work with their API and ran into some issues, their developer support requested unfettered access to our website. Which, in the 21st century and especially for a purely online business…no website, no money. You don’t just hand over those keys to anyone. When we refused to give them access to our website (duh) they refused to help us resolve the issue. Full stop to our work. We ended up canceling the next week.


GetResponse in a word is glitchy. Can it work? Probably? Will you need to exercise some patience with the program. It does have the nice workflows with a flowchart display…but it isn’t very intuitive on how to set them up with the correct email/email templates.

Drafting emails in GetResponse is a delicate art. I found that upon refreshing the screen mid-design (something froze) all of my work on that email was completely gone. Really.


You may have thought there was nothing good to say about HubSpot since Daniel Lyons hates them, but I daresay a lot has changed in the last year. You read that right, within a year. Don’t get me wrong, HubSpot is pretty pricey and to really get the most out of it having a developer that really knows his/her stuff is important. However, their new automation workflows are super slick and it’s super easy to create highly personal emails to potential leads.

HubSpot probably has the largest library of support articles out there and if that isn’t enough, their support team is very responsive and goes the extra mile.

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