How to Unfriend, Unfollow and Not Make Enemies

Marketing / Wednesday, November 19th, 2014

Recently, I got myself in a bind and needed a hand. Like many people do, I turned to social media to find a friendBlog-Facebook in the area that could help me out…that was when I realized, yeah I knew people in the area…I know a lot of people in a lot of areas, but I didn’t know them well enough to be comfortable asking them directly for help.

So why am I still friends with them on Facebook?

Ah, big question…that’s why we have…

The Rules of Unfriending/Unfollowing

Blog-Twitter1. Figure out what you’re using social media for. For me, I decided I like to keep Facebook to people I’ve met in real life that I could hold a conversation with if I ran into them. Twitter and Instagram I use more for networking to meet new people and interact with the writing community.

It’s important to define this so you know both what information you want to put out to your “audience” and what people you want to allow to populate your feed. Once you know what you’d like in your feed unfollowing/unfriending gets easy.
2. If for personal use, eliminate people you don’t like, can’t remember how you met, or don’t know. Who doesn’t spend more time than they’d like on social media? Well…one way to cut down on the amount of scrolling through your feed is to cut down on people filling it. Don’t be a creeper…if you’ve got no clue who that person is unfollow! Blog-Instagram

3. Do not announce you’re unfriending people. This is probably my biggest social media pet peeve. What? Am I supposed to be honored that I’m still on your friend list? I don’t need to know you’re cutting friends and odds are I’m not going to care if you’re going to unfriend or unfollow me. Just do it. Don’t make a show of it. Quietly, unassumingly and without flouting your so-call popularity…unfollow.

What rules would you add for unfriending or unfollowing? Or what about social media rules in general? What big social media pet peeves do you have to share with the class? I want to hear ’em!

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