Foundations of Great Email Marketing

Marketing / Wednesday, April 26th, 2017

Ah, email marketing. Even the most die-hard of us marketers cringe a little when we think about email marketing. It has become equated with spam despite the CAN-SPAM act which we all uphold and revere…right?

However, email marketing isn’t completely dead and done. Email marketing is still a great tool that can have great results if applied correctly. Here are the foundations of a great email marketing campaign. Good luck!

Great Email Marketing 101

  1. Let your leads and customers know what they’re getting into
  2. When your lead knows they’re getting an email they’re less likely to have an adverse reaction to it. In your submission forms or really anytime, anywhere you collect email addresses fully inform your subscriber what they’re signing up for. Make sure you stay organized and don’t cross contaminate your lists. If you tell a user you’re going to notify them about events, notify them about events. What you don’t want to do is add them to any or all other subscription lists and start sending them every email you dream up.

  3. Use personalized information
  4. Many marketing email tools allow you to create and use personalizations in your email. The more you can tailor an email to the subscriber the more likely they are to open it. Now, the simplest of personalizations is including your subscribers first name…however there certainly are many more. Get creative, think about what information they want to see and see if you can generate more personal emails.

    A word to the wise, there is such thing as too much personalization. When drafting your emails make sure to consider what information your subscriber knows or remembers giving you and how you word your emails.

  5. Give value
  6. Don’t just send an email for the sake of sending an email. Give your subscriber something. This can be an offer, such as a discount or a free e-book. It can also be information…valuable information make sure the information is pertinent to them.

  7. Have a call-to-action
  8. Any marketer worth his or her bread and butter eats, sleeps and breathes CTAs. That is the true foundation of not only great email marketing, but great marketing period. They’ve opened the email, now what? If your reader doesn’t have a next step to take explicitly laid out within that email, that may be the last click they make on your site and ultimately towards making a purchase with you. Keep leads and customers clicking…always have a call-to-action.

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