Book Review: Lean In

Book Reviews / Thursday, June 29th, 2017

Lean In has been met with a bizarre amount of controversy. Often criticized as a book for “crazed feminists” or more wealthy or privileged women with advice unusable to those lower on the totem pole of business. But have these people read this book? Answer: Probably not. Let’s discuss.

What is Lean In?

Lean In is partially a memoir and partially a book of advice, it’s much like having advice from a mentor in book form. Sandburg makes her argument that if more women were in higher leadership positions that the workplace would have more gender equality. To do that, Sandberg outlines some of the pitfalls and issues women often come across in their careers and offers advice on how to navigate those challenges.

But I Don’t Have a Nanny or a Business Degree from Harvard!

Let’s address that. As far as the majority of us our concerned, Sandberg is at the top of the food chain. Many may be tempted to say, “Well, sure I’d be more (confident, assertive, influential, etc) if I had the (time, money, power, etc).” However, her advice covers scenarios that are universally faced by working women in any rank. From dealing with sexual harassment to pregnancy to being the only woman the room.

Who Should Read it?

If you are a woman or know a woman, this book is the read for you. While this book wasn’t marketed towards men,  men can gain a lot of insight from this book. Sandberg does a great job touching on the growing stay-at-home dad population and discusses how men as partners to women can help build gender equality in both the workplace and in the home.

Male managers can also glean insights and ideas on how to better promote and encourage women in their organization. You don’t want to leave any stone unturned in business and as Sandberg points out, sometimes organizations unwittingly shut down voices of women. This book ofter advice for both how women can make sure their voices are heard as well as draws attention to some practices that can discourage women.


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