Book Review: Disrupted

Book Reviews / Sunday, March 19th, 2017

Disrupted is a lightweight exposè on the tech start up world. Lyons, after an unfortunate layoff after years of work as a journalist finds himself work at HubSpot, a marketing software company. Lyons quickly finds himself as a bit on an odd duck as a middle aged man in a sea of Millennials. He has only one question on his first day of work…who is his boss and who’s really running this circus?

Disrupted is mainly a light read of a memoir and turns into a bit of a whine fest halfway through. He hates his job and everyone around him. If you enjoy a good Millennial bashing session, you’ll really love this read.

What We Learn About the Start Up Tech Industry

As he discovers, college students and recent college graduates are the slave cheap labor of the tech start up world. They supply their labor force with unpaid interns and underpaid college graduates. The hope is among the masses of starving young adults they’ll find a handful of “stars” or undiscovered geniuses. In the mean time, keep the placated with promises of good things to come and make them feel special and important.

…and HubSpot

No question, HubSpot as depicted is an absolute zoo. In a twisted way this is kind of inspiring, because if a company can grow that much running as efficiently as a chicken with it’s head cut off, then anyone can grow up to be the CEO of a tech company.

Final Thoughts

Overall the book is mainly for entertainment purposes…and excels. You may even see a little of a company you once worked at (or are currently working at…poor you) in his narrative. If you’re looking for a chance to sit down with a beer and a friend and have a “one time I had this boss…” story exchange this book definitely fits the bill. The drama and issues presented in this book will likely resonate with anyone that’s come within a 20 mile radius of a tech company.

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